Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

Sadie is sitting outside as the rain begins to fall.  Being
part lab, she loves any type of water.

When you live on a farm and you primarily farm for a living, the weather plays a huge factor in crop production and yield.  Here in Indiana, it has been very DRY and we need rain to help the crops grow so that we can pay the bills come fall.  Contrary to popular belief, farmer's are not rich.  Sure, just like in society, there are some that are filthy rich, but most of us are the average farmer trying to get by. Just remember that when use buy or repair a flat tire, it may cost you up to $200, but for a farmer to repair or replace a tractor tire, we are talking up to $2,000!!!  That's a big difference!

Also, as farmer's we enjoy what we do.  The motto for our farm is "caring about agriculture...caring about the land."  Bill and I believe in being good stewards of the land and taking care and pride in the crop we put out each year and the people and land owners we work with.

With all of that being said, when the crops don't look good - Bill gets stressed and having no rain is stressful!  So when it began to rain yesterday, I went out on the porch and began to do my farm wife rain dance so it would continue to rain!  Every little bit will help the crops popping up out of the ground and hopefully the garden as well. 

Bill and I driving around the "Farm Block" to check out
how much rain our fields were getting.  It was great
to have the windshield wipers on.

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