My Favorite Links

Indiana Prairie Farmer - Get the most current information on what's going on within Indiana Agriculture right here.

Indiana's Family of Farmer's - These are farmer's that share their motto, "Food for your family, From our Family."  This site promotes quality farming from the farmer that leads to quality food for the consumer, their families and the environment.

Indiana Farm Bureau - This is an organization in which I am very proud to be a part of.   Their mission statement says it all: "Indiana Farm Bureau promotes agriculture through public education, member engagement, and by advocating for agricultural and rural needs."

Farmers Feed Us - That's right, without farmer's doing labor and tillage of the land for crops and livestock management, what would we eat?  I'm not about to go meatless (no offense to those of you who do).  This site highlights farm families, farm facts, recipes, and special offers and promotions.

Mamie Jane's - Wonderful blog with creative idea's for crafts and use of old vintage items.

Lynn's Kitchen Adventures - According to her, "Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures is all about sharing my love of cooking, recipes, tips, and ideas of how I combine this cooking passion with a busy life."  She has neat recipes that I am always eager to try.

This is Me Challenge - I really enjoy this blog because it encourages me to write information down about me personally and my history.  Even though I can't have children, I am hoping that my nieces and nephews will appreciate some of my insights on things.

Completely Delicious - This blogger makes recipes that are a little more fancier than I am use to, but they are usually easy and delicious.  She also has info on baking tool, baking essentials and recipes.

Homesick Texan - I adore Mexican food...and, well, southern food of any kind.  This blogger always leaves me with the feeling that I want to go south of the border and eat!  Super Tex-mex recipes!

Shortcuts - Excellent site for electronic and printable coupons. The electronic coupons can be loaded directly to your store savings card for instant savings. - Another source for free printable coupons.  Just enter your zip code for coupons in your area.

Better Homes & Gardens - Love, love, love their gardening section!  Super recipes, decorating ideas and even stuff for the pets!

Home Made Simple - Home organization ideas, crafts, recipes and ideas for the holidays!

Betty Crocker - Always a favorite go to for recipes, whether it's my cookbook or the website. Betty won't let you down!

Taste of Home - Where would we be without Taste of Home?  With so many contributors, you can't go wrong with one of their recipes.  When my mother-in-law passed recently, I had the enjoyment of going through 8 years worth of Taste of Home magazines.  For a girl like me, it was awesome!

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