Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Memorial Ornaments

Hanging of the Memorial Ornaments at my church.

Many years ago, long before I started attending church here, someone at the foresight to create memorial ornaments in memory of a loved one, who had passed away during the year, and hang them during church on the Christmas trees.

We are a small country church, but it means the world to have these ornaments each year to help us reflect on those who have gone on before us.  I print the bulletin for church and run the projector on Sunday's, so on Saturday I found my ornament  for my brother and went ahead and hung it.  I have to admit, even though he has been gone for six years, I can still break down and ball at the drop of a hat.

This one ornament, in memory of my brother L.T. Wilkinson means more to me than any other ornament that I hang.  Plus, I love that it is hung in church. 

Bill has ornaments that he hangs as well in memory of his family members.
This is the one for his mom, Sue...

For his grandma, Pauline...

And for his grandpa, Randolph...

If you've lost a loved one this year or in the past, I know how heavy your heart is.  Take the time to make, or buy, a simple ornament for that person and make it a Christmas tradition to hang it on your tree every year.  Better yet, start it in your church like we did, and have everyone participate.  It is truly a blessing.

Merry Christmas!