Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Super Easy Ham Salad

All of this is done in a food processor.
In the food processor, pulse one package of Ekrich Bologna.
I use the all beef bologna.
Next, in the food processor, pulse 6 hard boiled eggs
and it to the bologna mixture.
Third, pulse 1/2 jar of Mt. Olive Sweet Gherkin pickles and
add to the mixture.
Then add Miracle Whip.  I use the light, but you can use
whatever is tasteful to you.  Combine well.  It will probably
take about half a jar of the Miracle Whip.
Finally, add a little sugar to taste and there you have it.
I usually let mine set up over night and then touch it
up again with a little more Miracle Whip and sugar if I
need it.  Thanks to my friend Jennifer for this wonderful

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