Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Bill!

Me and my husband Bill.
When Bill and I first got married it was a wedding like no other... Bill was a confirmed bachelor and we met through our local 4-H program, yes 4-H!  We both have a love for the program and for the kids that are in it. 

Bill asking me out, consisted him saying, "Do you want to go get a coke on Friday night?"  I, of course said sure.  I wasn't for sure if it was a date, or if we were actually just going to go get a coke.  Regardless, I dressed up like it was a date and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  Now Bill, at the time, was kind of quiet - unless he was worked up over something, but seemed very caring.  I was intrigued.

After Texas Roadhouse, which thankfully there was food, we went to look at some things that were going on at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I was getting the impression that yep, this was a date.  On the way home, Bill said he had "feelings" for me and wanted to know if I was okay with that.  Long story short, I was great with it!

A little more than a year later we were married.  Since Bill had been in the fields, he said that he didn't care what I did for the wedding as long as I showed up.  I have to admit, he said the wrong thing.  Since it was a December wedding, the church was already decorated with beautiful Christmas decorations, which left me time to plan some jokes on my soon-to-be husband.  A lot of times, people are really uptight and traditional about their wedding and they should be and it is a ceremony to be taken seriously.  You can also add a little humor in there too, just to break the ice.  When Bill said "I do" I had the Hallelujah chorus play.  The entire church erupted in laughter!  As a confirmed bachelor, it seemed like it was an appropriate thing to play now that he was FINALLY tying the knot.

Several of Bill's good friends work in John Deere stores, so when the time came for us to exchange rings, my brother Tony (a.k.a. LT) was in the audience controlling a huge remote control size John Deere tractor that one of his friends brought with lights on and the horn blowing to bring us our rings.

Bill was finally catching on that he was had.  Wanting to know if I had anymore tricks up my sleeve, all I could do was smile and say just one!  When Bill went to kiss his bride, our niece and nephew who were part of the wedding party held up a 9.5 and a 10 sign.  Ah, the wedding was a success!

We will be married for six years this year.  Sometimes it feels like just a couple of days and other time like 60 years.  He has introduced me back into the world of farming, which I love and I am teaching him about technology, which he hates!  We make a great combination.

Bill, thank you for being such a wonderful husband.  I love you! 

This is Bill's family. (L to R): Sue (Bill's mom), Joyce,
 Mark (Bill's brother), Me, Bill, Julie,
Luke, Bret, Kathy (Bill's sister in the green), Audrey and Austin.

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