Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Those Golden Arches

Everyone, especially children, seem to love the "golden arches."
Okay, I normally don't like to eat at McDonald's, but when I do, I find myself ordering the same thing, especially if it's breakfast.  I'm hooked on the bacon, egg and cheese bagel.  I don't care for the hashbrown, but I could eat that breakfast sandwich daily.  Additionally, I find myself ordering a small mocha frappe as my drink.  With the rise of coffee houses like Starbucks, McDonald's had to keep up, and now they have their own line of specialty coffees which aren't too bad.

Our little community of New Castle use to have a Starbucks, but we are all so poor, that we couldn't support it like their company thought we should, so it closed.  Realistacally, I only pay $4 for a cup of coffee if I'm on vacation and even then, I am tight with my money.  My husband says that I am so tight I that a good or a bad thing?

Since I love coffee and drink it on a regualr basis (thus the purchase of my Keurig a while back), I have become addicted to the mocha frappe from McDonald's.  It's my new addiction.  It is the perfect blend of mocha, chocolate and whip cream.  I think it might even be sinful (I'm kidding).  The only thing I caution on this drink is that if you drink it too quickly, you will get a brain freeze every time.  My dad stayed with us about a week ago and said he loved this drink as well.  Guess the taste buds run in the family.  The coffee taste really isn't that strong, but if you haven't tried it, I would bet you might like it!

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