Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bring on the Games

I used to love to play games...Scrabble, Connect Four, Yahtzee, cards!  In our house, we have some old games that we weren't going to do anything with, so I decided to decorate with them.

In the picture above, I took a 5x7" frame, cut out scrapbook paper to insert behind it and began coming up with words for my Scrabble blocks.  I decided there were enough letters to spell out our last name: McDonnell, the word "love" and both of our names, "Bill" and "Lis."  Once I had it all laid out, I took some tacky glue and glued the letters to the outside of the glass to create this cute little frame.

This was fun, simple and easy to do.

Next, I had a Chinese Checker board and I thought that it would look great just above my crocks on the wall.  So I took some Command adhesive for wall hangings and attached it to the back of the board and mounted it on the wall.  I was pleased with the display.

Do you have things in your house that you can use for decorating.  Recycling old items can be a lot of fun:)

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