Wednesday, August 8, 2012

That Old Farmhouse Appeal

I love having decorations on my table.  Finding simple ways to decorate (especially our newly remodeled living room and dining room) is fun for me.  I like country, primitive, vintage type items and I am really excited about the idea of remodeling my kitchen in the future...mostly for a dishwasher, but I want it to look like a traditional farmhouse kitchen.

I feel blessed to live in a farmhouse that has character and history to it and I love the idea of decorating in ways that highlight a primitive farmhouse era, with modern updates of course!  No outhouse for me!!! lol!

The great thing about decorating is that you DON"T have to spend a lot of money to do it.  In the picture above, I took an antique 4 gallon crock that I purchased at an estate sale for $10 and filled it with silk flowers and eucalyptus I purchased from Hobby Lobby for around $25.  The result - a beautiful centerpiece on my dining room table.  The table sits in a corner, so this centerpiece is a perfect fit for the table. 

Be sure to look around your house to get ideas on incorporating old and new items for that rustic feel to your home.

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