Friday, July 6, 2012

Triple Digits

Here in Indiana, we've been seeing triple digit temperatures and triple digit heat indexes.  To say the least, it's been HOT!  When I left work the other day, my car thermometer read 109 degrees.  Some parts of the county that we live in have seen less than 1/2" of rain the entire month of June.  No rain is a really bad thing when you're married to a farmer and those crops are a major part of your income.  Specialists are saying this is the worst drought to hit our crops since 1988.  How does the drought impact the crops?  No rain or moisture in the soil will cause the crop to produce much lower yields because they are not getting the nutrition (i.e. through rain) they need to grow and pollinate.

Our crops aren't the only thing suffering.  We've been diligent in watering our garden nightly, but it still looks sad.  We haven't mowed our yard in over a month because the only thing growing are the weeds.

In heat like this it's important to remember your outdoor pets and animals. 
  • Water frequently
We have chickens on the farm and Bill water's them three times a day with cold fresh water, even if they appear to have water from earlier.  Sometimes my hens get so hot that they will just go and stand in the water to cool off.  We have a water trough outside and many indoor drinkers to provide them with water.

  • Provide shade/shelter from the sun
Even though it doesn't seem like much, a little bit of shade helps tremendously when that hot sun is scorching down on you.  Your animals need that as well.

  • Don't play with or over exert your pet/animals.
In this kind of heat, if you don't have to run around - DON"T!

Now in saying all of this, these rules apply for us humans as well.  Get plenty of fluids on hot days, cool off in the shade when you can and don't over exert yourself.

Keep praying for rain!!!

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