Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Call Us Fiona

Green toes for the 4-H Fair is an office tradition.
Every year, our office conducts the local 4-H Fair fair our county.  We basically plan and prepare all year long for this community event.  We enjoy doing it and love seeing the 4-H members grow and blossom in each of the projects they are doing.

One thing us girls enjoy each year, is going to the local nail salon and having our toes painted green.  This year was no exception.  Ladies, if you have never had a pedicure, I encourage you to pamper yourself a little and go get one!  They are amazing!  First, they let you sit in a back massaging chair as your feet are soaking.  Then they trim your toe nails and cuticles, trim the rough skin off the bottom of your feet, scrub your feet, get a lotion leg massage, then your toes nails are painted the color of your choice.  All in about 45 minutes.  Feels great.

We inevitably go with a green color, since 4-H is represented by a green 4 leaf clover.  While my toes were being painted I said, this looks more like a Shrek color green...and since Judy and I had the same color, the gentlemen replied back, "well, I guess Shrek now has two Fiona's."

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