Friday, June 14, 2013

Emergency Room Fun

I can honestly say that 2013 has been a tough year so far for me medically.  I've had new allergies pop up, tried new medicines for my migraines that didn't work and made me have horrible side effects and now I can say I've had my first trip to the Emergency Room as an adult.

Last Friday, I was walking in the yard to feed the chickens, when my foot found a new hole in our yard.  My foot went in the hole, my ankle popped and down I went to the ground face first.  Between the pain and tears I couldn't do much yelling for Bill, but I tried.  He was in the barn and couldn't hear me...stupid me didn't bring my cell phone.  While I'm screaming for Bill to help me, my beautiful black lab Sadie, licked the tears and dirt off my face.  What a scene that must have been for anyone that drove by.

Long story short, Bill came to my rescue.  Scooped me up in his arms and then asked what he should do with me.  I told him to get the truck and take me to the Emergency Room.  Although I couldn't see any bone sticking out, the pain was so intense, I felt like I had broke or fractured something in my ankle.

Probably because I was sobbing, I made it through the paperwork portion of the Emergency Room in what I was told was "record time."  They weren't very busy, so I was able to see the doctor right away.  They took x-rays and luckily nothing was broken, just severely sprained. 

Needless to say, I used a walker to "hop" around the first two days because I couldn't put any pressure on my foot and they didn't send me home with crutches.  I then graduated to a cane and now I'm just hobbling. 

Fortunately for us, a 4-H friend of ours was one of the nurses working the Emergency Room, so she made the experience better by talking to me and taking my mind off of the pain.

I hadn't been in the ER since I was 3 years old.  Hopefully I can wait another 36 years before I ever have to go back! 

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  1. I don't know how I got to this post or blog and I know it's old but I felt the need to share my recent experience.

    I've had my share of sprains since I was just a little boy playing sports and well being a boy. So I know sprained ankles hurt like hell.
    I sprained mine about 8 months ago I'm only 19 and I have a high pain tolerance but I remember almost tearing up it hurt so bad.
    My mom joked with me saying that I was greatly over exaggerated the pain.

    Unfortunately karma got her just yesterday. She learned just how painful a twisted ankle really hurts. She has never broke any bones or had any major injuries throughout her 43 years of living.

    Anyways it was a usual day my mom pulled her running shorts and my track pants out of the wash and suggested we went for a run. We got dressed and headed out. We didn't get too far up the road and she decided that it was way tooo cold outside to be wearing shorts so we cut through this poor lighting, dirt "trail" through the wooded area that goes through a couple hundred yards to the side of our house.

    On our way through she kept edging me on "hurry up move faster i'm freezing" I kindly moved aside saying "be my guest it's hard to walk through here." so he sped up carelessly powerwalking through this uneven trail. We got halfway through about 100 yards to the house and that's when her first very first sprained ankle occurred BAM. She looked down at her wristwatch and she stepped down with her left foot that caught this small icey dip in the ground. Her foot slid and the ankle buckled rolling to the side and slamming knee first into the dirt. It looked bad. I yell out "Holy shit mom that looked very painful you alright?" I could see her eyes well up with tears she rolled over clenched her ankle yelled a few profanities, let out a girly whimper then cried like a baby. I immediately consoled her crouched down rubbed her back asked what I should do. She presumed it was broken and tried to convince me to call 911 only to figure out NO cell phones we both forgot to bring
    one. She still in heaps and can't stop bawling her eyes out in pain. She was practically shivering it was so cold out. I was beginning to think maybe she really did sprain it. Now I'm out of options on what to do I've never seen my mom cry before so I'm panicking. Left no choice I put her arms around me strained to pick her up bridal style and carried her off to the car and drove her to the ER. Which was the most difficult task I've ever dealt with almost passed out, she is not the lightest person to have to carry a couple hundred feet she's like 130lbs.

    And after all that of almost having a heart attack out of worry the X-Ray came back as a 2nd degree(medium) sprain. All in all it was a very scary experience. But she found out just how much I "over exaggerated" the pain of a sprained ankle.

    Anyways I'm sorry for the long over the top detailed comment.
    I hope you healed well over the past few months. Also happy Halloween!!!

    Heres what her ankle looked like.