Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy on the Farm

May has been a busy month on the farm, but then again, it always is.  The beginning of the month starts off with the guys double checking all the equipment to make sure it's ready to go in the fields.

Then, I usually try to get Bill to till up the garden two or three times so the soil is just right and all of the weeds are good and dead.  Usually, sometime after Mother's Day, we plant the garden.  It's always a good idea to wait until after Mother's Day to plant a garden or flowers so that all chances of frost have passed.

The weekend of May 17th, my beautiful cousin Emily married the love of her life, Jared in West Lafayette, IN.  It was a gorgeous wedding and I was excited to be able to be in the wedding and share in this exciting event. 

In addition to all of the above things, we have also taken out a loan to build onto our farmhouse and remodel the kitchen.  Things that really need to be done.  The addition on the back of the house will be a mud room for Bill.  It will be a place where he can come in and have all his farm "things" in one area.

Here is a glimpse of our kitchen before everything is taken out and down.  The kitchen is/was functional, but can be much better with a little remodeling. 

I've truly enjoyed seeing all the styles through the years from the past McDonnell wives.  The mushroom wallpaper on the left is from when Bill's brother Mark and his (ex)wife Debbie used to live in the house.  The vegetable wallpaper and the mint green paint (which I haven't taken a picture of yet) is from when Bill's grandparents lived there and the white wallpaper all around the other two are from when Bill's Mom and Dad lived in the home.  Old houses have such wonderful history and again, I am blessed to live in a home where other McDonnell wives have lived and worked.

One thing I've done as we've remodeled is to write mine and Bill's name and wedding date on each wall.  Just for something fun to do and maybe for another generation to find and treasure. 

I hope you've enjoyed the month of May as much as we have.  We're looking forward to the summer and I'll keep you updated on the remodeling. 

P.S. I'm not enjoying eating out.  I'd rather be home cooking:-)

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