Friday, April 19, 2013

Start Seedlings Now

I enjoy summer, but I don't enjoy the humidity.  One thing that I am looking forward to is my garden.  I don't grow more than we need, but I grow enough to eat on during the summer and to can for the winter.

Even though the weather still isn't as cooperative as we like, it's a great time to start seedlings in doors.  I like to buy the little kits that has 48 or so peat pellets in it and start my seeds.

 Here are some of the seeds that have started
and are ready to transplant to a larger container.

 Keep those 2 liter bottles and milk jugs!
Clean them and cut them and half and they make
excellent containers for starting plants.  I roll up
a couple of balls of aluminum foil and put in the
bottoms of each one to help with watering and
drainage.  Plus it gives the roots a chance to breathe.

 I use every available window that has good sunlight
and put the plants there.  I also label each container
with what is growing inside of it.
On the far left, I have Boston Pickling Cucumbers,
in the middle I have Mini Sweet Peppers, and on
the right, I have Heirloom Cucumbers.

Here is a close up of a container of Mini
Sweet Peppers.  I usually plant 2 plants
per container.

Here, I have cut milk jugs in half and put the
aluminium foil balls in the bottom and planted
2 containers of Roma Tomatoes and more peppers
and cucumbers.
When the weather turns nice for good, I'll start introducing these plants to the outdoors and sunshine for a few hours each day, gradually increasing the hours until they are ready to be outside permanently and ready to be put in the garden. 
By starting your plants indoors from seeds, you're able to save a huge amount of money.  A packet of seeds costs between $1 and $2 and a single plant can cost between $2 and $5.  What are you waiting for?  Give it a try!

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